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Supervisor (Sumbagteng)

Elabram Systems
Pekanbaru Indonesia
Not Specified

Key Responsibilities 1. Make daily/weekly/monthly reports and tidy up documents 2. Plan of activity and scheduling of work task 3. Call-off and coordinate of material and personnel 4. Collect necessary documentation and instruction for wo

Admin Centro Pekanbaru

PT BFI Finance Indonesia Tbk
Kota Pekanbaru
Not Specified

Job Description 1. Melakukan validasi dokumen konsumen 2. Cetak dokumen konsumen 3. Melakukan e filling dokumen konsumen 4. Packing dokumen konsumen 5. Dan registrasi fidusia Requirements 1. Wanita 2. Usia Maks. 25 Tahun 3. Diutamak

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